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Pennsylvania Will Legalize Online Gambling This Year… If

A comprehensive gaming reform package (SB 900) that included everything from online gambling expansion to 24-hour liquor licenses and allowing slot machines at OTB locations has apparently been scrapped as the state legislature continues to craft a budget that can pass the desk of newly elected Governor Tom Wolf. There are signs that indicate the

These Are The Hurdles That Could Trip Up PA Online Gambling Regulation

With four online gaming bills introduced by Pennsylvania legislators in 2015 (and a fifth due shortly), proponents of online poker in the state have cause for a healthy sense of optimism. But before setting up shop in Pennsylvania, virtual casinos must navigate a few more hurdles. The Adelson factor One major stumbling block faced by

PA Regulator Says Casino ‘Novelty Has Worn Off’; Could Online Gambling Spur Growth?

Pennsylvania’s top gambling regulator says that the “novelty has worn off” for Pennsylvania’s casinos and that growth may have plateaued, leaving online gambling as a possible avenue for growth in the state’s gaming industry. What the Gaming Control Board’s head said William H. Ryan Jr., chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, was commenting as

Gov. Wolf Staying Firm On Increased Spending, Meaning Revenue Questions Remain

A month into Pennsylvania’s budget standoff, Gov. Tom Wolf appears to have no plans to reduce the expenditures he has planned for the state, like more money for education. The takeaway? If he wants to keep his plans for the budget intact, he will have to find a way to fund the expenditures while also

Online Gambling Legislation In Pennsylvania Could Still Be Part Of Final Budget

As the 2015 legislative session wore on, Pennsylvania was seen as the United States’ best chance to pass an online gambling bill this year. The commonwealth had momentum on its side, and there were only pockets of opposition to online gaming expansion. But the 2015 window for iGaming appears to be closing as the state

Online Gambling Still Alive In PA After Legislature Votes Down Governor’s Budget

The Pennsylvania legislature last week voted down Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed budget by a final count of 127-73. The takeaway for proponents of gambling expansion in the commonwealth? No budget means that online gambling still isn’t off the table. Budget impasse keeps going, and going… Lawmakers and Governor Wolf have spent the past several months

Pennsylvania Online Gaming Bill Has New Life, Passes Committee Vote

Pennsylvania could be on its way to becoming the fourth state to legalize online gaming. A bill that would permit the state’s casinos to operate poker and casino games over the Internet passed out of a house committee this morning. The bill, HB 649, is sponsored by Rep. John Payne, chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming